Why your e-commerce site should use its own blog

Blogging is no longer a new marketing tactic

12, 2019

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It is no longer a secret that the most important content marketing for any modern online business is to gain the trust and attention of potential customers. As for content itself, blogging is by far the most powerful tool in your arsenal, and as soon as you learn the main strategies for starting a blog, you'll be able to quickly tap into your potential.

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It's all about any B2B or B2C company, and especially e-commerce pages. Blogging can help you stand out in this crowded environment and bring your brand to the forefront of your industry.

A good blog featuring thoughtful articles, interesting quotes, and sincere comparisons can have a huge impact on consumer behavior, their choice and what products they will buy. It would be a shame to give other brands the opportunity to share information that is more relevant to them than to spread their own information.

Blogging is no longer a new marketing tactic – a well-tested method used by most brands for any type of e-commerce. Below are the main reasons for this:

You become an expert

Consumers are seeking information in today's saturated market as it only allows them to distinguish between different options. Most decisions are made on the basis of online reviews, recommendations, and articles that present all the information on similar products. As you may already know, much of this information comes from blogs.

Providing information is one of the best ways to persuade customers to choose your online store over competitors. If you give them good, sincere information, identify the nuances of your product and highlight your own strengths, your advantage will shift.

Nowadays, some e-commerce engines are not only offered by an internet freelance constructor, but also have a whole section of the blog, on all the e-commerce topics that you should definitely understand, and a great choice in this area. For example, you can learn how to get traffic to your blog, or which e-commerce templates will lead you to sales.

You can also write articles about the state of the industry, make predictions about trends, or have a broad overview of topics in your niche. Finally, in the long run, publishing serious and high quality information on your blog will make your brand more recognizable, and as an expert you will be at the forefront of this field.

Increase your traffic

Getting traffic today means that you need to have a rating on Google. People will definitely start searching for your products or related topics, and so you should be at the top of the list right now, somewhere. You can also get information about search engine optimization and strategies on how to use it with Wix.com, such as website builders.

By itself, your blog does not increase your ranking, but it does allow you to provide relevant information to the customer and to try to rank them with a lot more keywords. Unlike the rest of the e-commerce website, blogs are in constant updating and eventually contain more pages.

This allows you to focus all your search engine optimization on keywords, including inbound and outbound links, index pages, and more.

Customer Relationships

Consumers prefer a brand that they can easily relate to. These links are formed by presenting your brand and demonstrating its values ​​or ideals at various points of sale. Writing a blog for your site is one of the best and easiest platforms to do so.

You will be able to help you connect with your customers more if you give your brand "individuality" and load your information with some meaning. Provide them with information about what is important to you and take note of what your target audience is asking for.

Establishing a harmonious relationship with your customers helps to create a sense of oneness. Your online store can become even more than just a store, a virtual community hub that will attract more people thanks to its targeted program. It is likely that your own society will have greater confidence in you and not your competitors.

Go beyond the boundaries of your website

You already have a blog and regularly publish interesting and quality information. The point is that you can use the same information for even greater purposes than posting it on your own website.

Each fragment of information you compile can bring additional advantages. Using your blog will also appear on social networks if you post information on recent articles. And good news, viruses are far more likely to spread on social media than product posting.

When you take serious care of creating information in your company and you have a portal for your own information, you can make your marketing more creative by using them. Make information for other pages, invite visitors to your blog, or start collaborating with other brands. There are truly limitless opportunities for creativity in this area.

The costs of blogging are extremely low

Quite a lot of money is needed by social media campaigns, Google ads, influx marketing and even outdated ad shields on the highway.

And the creation of the website and its proper functioning, at a later stage, adding a blog to its database will provide a virtually free marketing platform.

While you can share your information with other paid channels, your blog is still a home base that provides organic traffic. Some blog posts may be relevant for months or even years. Consequently, it is a valuable resource for consumers, and Google has an important place because of certain keywords. All this can be easily organized with a one-time investment – a royalty that generates interesting information.

Time is everything

I wonder why your brand should not be represented in the e-commerce blogging industry that is really booming at this point? Does this make any argument absolutely impossible? Naturally, it has to be present, but the point is to create an effective blog that will produce serious results that will take time.

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Your first posts will probably not cause much stir on the internet, but over time, your retail internet brand will help you gain leading brand status in your industry. The sooner you start, the sooner you will get results.

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