When I grow up, I will be more kind

26, 2019

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Paradoxically, most Georgian companies lack "growth". what does this mean?

'Raising is missing' – when I say, I do not mean being raised in childhood, or beloved "mother" or "grandmother" holding her hand, or overly annoying "uncle", etc.

"Increase is missing" for company executives, founders who do not know that the breadwinner should declare that they cannot be formed, they need the company. Media if you need a marketer who knows his job and at the same time will not be a slave to the employer. But on the contrary – it points to the real needs of the employer and presents a realistic strategy.

Finding such footage is a little difficult. You may not earn for a long time and if you still earn, it can be very expensive. Managers of companies know this, and so they look for a "everything-in-one" manager who will do PR, marketing, social work. The media will also make coffee if the employer needs it.

There are often recent marketing and PR job vacancies whose job descriptions are more like an office manager's job and the pay is about the same as I was when I was 15-16, when I was advertising a gown for one of the famous TV shows, and I changed so many gowns, That I didn't want to see them at the end. Yeah, back in the 2000s, and the gel was much more expensive than it is now, and it's ridiculous that the salaries of four-times-a-month cabs and the current marketer are almost the same.

The fault of our economy is everything! Who else can I blame? An employer finds it difficult to offer a good salary for a good staff, so he prefers to pay the hires and hire an employee who dictates what to do, when to do it and where to place it. Yes, there are such PRs and marketers.

No, I have nothing against them, moreover – all beginners start that way. I've also been a start-up once, but when a company has "prizes" for it to be cool, at least it needs to have good communication with the customer, and not the PRs of today's well-known, big, "loser" companies that don't answer and divert calls. they do not know.

Yes, such companies think that as they "grow" or expand, or launch new products, or export more broadly, or, or, and … then they will become more "good".

Then they will be able to pay more.

Then they will be more capable of hiring PR who will lead genuine communication.

Employers often lie. For example, they may take you to one particular position, but beyond that you will be asked many other things to instruct you to do something that is beyond your competence.

Be sure to avoid false promises. No real good employer promises a potential employee to build "gold towers" in a short amount of time, because no employer actually knows your costs.

When an employer tells you that it is a company with international potential and therefore you may have to work for the holidays, this should be followed by appropriate overtime pay, but this is done in full-time companies and rarely in Georgian, "lost" and familiar companies.

In order to avoid situations like this, there is a contract in which everything should be well written so that you do not end up in the victim's position and that you do not justify that you did everything you could.

PS: When some companies genuinely think that the best way to hire the best company is to earn money and then give yourself the right to say it is a misnomer because as you grow older, your need to spend less money and get the most out of an employee, There will be further growth and the myth that financial earnings As you grow, you will become more accomplished, as well as endless as you need good PR and marketing to make good coffee for you.

That's why it's good to clearly determine the adequacy of your needs – you want good communication and a good marketing strategy if you want to manage the social page for example every second of the day.

By hiring a professional PR and marketer (from the beginning) you will grow faster and yes, you will become more accomplished, as a true communicator will definitely tell you that your marketing budget is social responsibility. However, I admit that for such heartfelt advice, both the economy and the finances of the company must be at the height of their appeal.

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