Touched by the story 10 years later of the characters in the anime Anohana

Event “ANOHANA 10 YEARS AFTER Fes.” took place this past Saturday, revealed some information about the characters in the anime Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day 10 years later. This event was broadcast online for the past 2 days (Saturday and Sunday).

The event reveals the occupations of the Super Peace Busters members and their current relationship status, and confirms the anime’s theme. The story begins at a fateful “hide and seek” moment in the final episode of the anime. When Menma started writing messages to her friends, she wondered what they would do in the next 10 years.

The story then fast-forwards to the conversation between Anaru and Tsuruko 10 years later. It is revealed that Tsuruko has become a web designer, while Anaru has become a dentist. Poppo starts a business, and Jintan works with him.

The women discuss their relationships with the men in their lives; Tsuruko says that she and Yukiatsu haven’t found the “right time” to get married, so their relationship remains ambiguous. Anaru and Jintan are not romantically involved, but she still has strong feelings for him. Meanwhile, Poppo is married to a foreign woman named Stephanie and has two children.

A conversation between Poppo and Yukiatsu also reveals another important development: The secret base from previous years is about to be demolished. Before that happens, five friends gather at this location for a get-together and barbecue.

The big reunion scene emphasizes that the characters are all grown up now by showing them drinking. Anaru and Yukiatsu were too drunk to drink. Anaru turns into a drunkard and starts lamenting about the impending loss of base. Yukiatsu suddenly announced in a fit of emotion that he would buy the land, as he worked at Chichibu town hall and was formerly an elite banker. Tsuruko tells her it’s unrealistic, and Yukiatsu is forced to accept it, saying, “Nothing is ever going to change.”

Anaru falls asleep and sees Menma in her dream. In an amusing and sweet moment, Menma in her dreams comforted her. Anaru wakes up, but pretends to be still asleep when she realizes that Jintan is having a serious conversation with the others.

Everyone noticed the words “The Super Peace Busters will always be friends” engraved. They make sure not to forget it. Yukiatsu says that while he understands Anaru’s feelings, he can accept that things change. Jintan says keeping things exactly the same as when they were kids is less than keeping the spirit of what they have even as adults. They reminisce about the past, and assert that the most important thing is to keep their promise to Menma.

That aside, Tsuruko tells Jintan about his relationship with Anaru, which he casually says he’s thinking of asking her to marry him after she wakes up. Anaru panics after hearing that, inadvertently revealing that she is indeed awake. When Jintan asked if she didn’t want to marry him, she stammered and awkwardly admitted that she wanted to, but she had expected them to date first. Others take this as confirmation that Jintan and Anaru are now an item.

The scene closes with drinking Super Peace Busters to remember Menma. Menma considers all of this and rests assured knowing that Super Peace Busters will get along forever. The reading game ended when she uttered those sure words:

“I know. I know…”

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