Top 5 new romance manga coming out in 2022

The new year has more manga published than ever before and no matter what genre you love. Whether you want to be swept away by a sweet romance or your heart is broken by devastating dramas, there are bound to be plenty of new movies coming out this year. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 new romance manga coming out in 2022!


Kicking off our list today is Witch Watch, a lovable romantic comedy featuring classic stories of childhood love. Morihito has the blood of an elf and his childhood friend is the teenage witch, Nico. When Morihito becomes her protector, they will have to live together under one roof, but he is completely oblivious to Nico’s feelings for him. Witch Watch is definitely a comic series worth watching – very good, interesting and funny.

4. Kimi no Koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You)

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the publication of this series for a while, as it sounds like an excellent harem and ecchi comedy. Our protagonist Aijo is unlucky in love and he prays for heavenly guidance. A god made a mistake and in order to remedy the situation, the god made each girl Aijo’s confidant, but there was one thing required – he would have to return each of them’s affections, otherwise each of them. will die in terrible accidents.

With the added supernatural twist, there’s a more plausible justification for the harem setup than we’re used to seeing, Aijo is not only a lucky protagonist, but an almost protagonist. unlucky. The series has sold very well in Japan (with eight volumes already published) and has a growing following online.

3. Shin no Nakama Janai to Yuusha no Party o Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life Suru Koto ni Shimashita (Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside)

With the massive amount of light novels available, not to mention the anime’s rather stellar first season, Shin no Nakama Janai to Yuusha no Party o Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life Suru Koto ni Shimashita is currently making the switch as usual. to manga.

The film stars Red, a former hero who is rejected from the group of Heroes when it appears he is holding them back. Deprived of his life of adventure, he journeys to distant borders and opens his own pharmacy, living a simple life as a resident doctor. Despite its fantasy vibe, the series is best known for the warm and lovable romance between protagonist Red and his old companion, Rit.

Banished from the Hero’s Party is the “best romance anime of 2021”, so if you’re interested in reading the manga adaptation, keep an eye out for the release earlier this year.

2. Ookami Buka-kun to Hitsuji Joushi-san (I’m a Wolf, but My Boss is a Sheep!)

Office romance is a burgeoning genre and Ookami Buka-kun to Hitsuji Joushi-san seems to spice things up with literally “wolf among sheep”. Oogami is a salaried employee who has feelings for her supervisor, and he gets the lucky (or unlucky) chance of being transferred to her department. There’s only one problem – he’s a literal wolf and his co-workers are sheep!

There are some pretty obvious animal personalities here, and the character designs all feature literal animal parts, so this series offers a very unique twist on this popular phrase. . We’re expecting some great animal-based puns and artwork in this unusual office romance-comedy.

1. Chitose-kun wa Ramune Bin no Naka (Chitose is in the Ramune Bottle)

Our most anticipated book of the year so far, Chitose-kun wa Ramune Bin no Naka is getting a dual release, with the light novel debuting at the beginning of the year and the manga adaptation slated to begin after that.

The story follows Saku Chitose, surrounded by famous kids and enjoying his wonderful social life. His life takes a strange turn when he’s asked to reinstate Kenta, an antisocial – but Chitose isn’t one to back down from the challenge. So begin his journey to educate otaku nerd Kenta and make him one of the famous guys.

It’s quite rare to see a light novel illustrated so quickly, but it’s not surprising when you look at the success it’s achieved overseas – six light novels, three manga volumes and nearly 300,000 novels. theory in circulation as of December 2021.

Chitose in the Ramune Bottle has a catchy title, beautiful artwork, and is set to provide an insight into popularity and perception among high school groups when it comes out mid-year. now.

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