Top 5 Best Anime Bromances

Bromances is when the friendship between two characters develops into a love that goes beyond the love of ordinary couples. Bromance is a beautifully portrayed, cherished feeling and the term is widely known among both men and women. We can see bromance in movie and comic products. Let’s discover the best anime bromances with us!

5. Kaneki and Hide from Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul was a huge hit when it first aired and this series built the vampire world in a natural way. Hide shows Kaneki the love he has for his best friend me. The final moments between these two characters coming together at the end of season two, one of the best moments of the entire Tokyo Ghoul series, it’s worth the wait to see a full circle.

4. Hinata and Kageyama from Haikyuu!!

Played volleyball together in high school as rivals only to end up being the most active high school couple in the sport, demonstrating the strong bond the two form after practice and competition. together. The relationship that develops between the two is unmatched in sports anime with Hinata trusting her new teammate to blindly throw the ball. This move is made throughout the series, resulting in some great setups from Kageyama for Hinata against stronger teams.

3. Meliodas and Ban from Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Like any good friendship Ban and Meliodas built their relationship on mutual respect for each other’s fighting abilities, constantly trying to support each other. Even if Ban is given the chance to bring back the love of his life by killing Meliodas, Ban can’t get over it even if Meliodas gives it. With a shared acknowledgment of their deaths, the two characters often appear toxic to each other, but almost impossible to heal, which gives Ban and Meliodas the humanity of their interactions.

2. Takeo and Sunakawa from Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!)

When two childhood friends are close enough to know everything about each other, it’s the perfect spot to blossom. Takeo and Sunakawa are two opposites, expert bear-like judo and the other a calm pretty boy, it’s no wonder they bring out the best in each other. Takeo is the only character to show feelings for his best friend, and Sunakawa is there to help Takeo navigate the complexities of a high school love affair. Sunakawa even admitted that he would reject girls just because he insulted Takeo, not letting his popularity get in the way of their friendship. The two complement each other so well that it takes a bit of notice away from the main romantic couple of the series.

1. Reki and Langa from SK∞ (SK8 the Infinity)

Skateboarding is a risky sport, but the soul of this sport lies in the boundless love between two best friends that has stolen the hearts of netizens. Reki and Langa started their relationship as classmates but quickly developed a personal relationship thanks to skateboarding. Despite their conflicting differences, they quickly made up and returned to form in their love of skateboarding. However, their relationship is shown in conflicts when the two are so bored with each other that Langa’s mother thinks he is having “girl trouble” and is talking about a girl. the girl he likes. The best stat throughout their display of affection is Reki’s willingness and joy in making a custom skateboard for Langa. Introducing someone to a sport is a quick way to go from acquaintance to best friend as the two people’s shared love for the sport blooms into the ultimate love encapsulated by Langa jumping in. Reki’s arms after winning a deadly downhill race.

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