Top 20 weirdest and most unique Anime hairstyles

Character creation in anime is very important. It is the main factor that brings the success of the whole movie. The uniqueness of the shape can come from the face, and also the hairstyle. The association with distinguishable character traits and portraits is what makes most anime series unique and outstanding. Their appearance often leaves an indelible impression on viewers, long after the series ends. You can forget about the series and its plot, but with a quick glance at the character, it all comes back in no time. Let’s take a look at 20 special hairstyles in this anime with Manganetwork+.

20. Afro- Afro Samurai

Afro is the first on our list. Excessive hair growth, larger than the head is common in most anime. Add a few gallons of hairspray to hold the hair in place. However, Afro ignored this fact with a more free flowing hairstyle. What’s more, it’s not just for display, that messy block of hair protects the head from attacks in many battles throughout the series. And so it’s on our list of some of the best anime hairstyles.

19. Kenpachi Zaraki- Bleach

Kenpachi’s unique hairstyle is partly due to his habit of showering every day before bed, which is essential for him due to his heavy sweating. During these showers, he often washes his hair with soap, which makes it stiff. He likes to do so because he can easily style his hair to his liking. Kenpachi attaches the bells to his hair himself, a process that takes a while to complete. Specifically, the tallest bell it took him several hours to attach, as the ends of his hair were out of his reach. He refuses to accept help because he thinks it’s strange for others to style his hair.

18. Charles zi Britannia- Code Geass

Charles Zi Britannia, a Darwinian. He has long white hair (although it was originally light brown in his younger days) styled into Renaissance-style curls. His other powers from the Code of Immortality defy the rules of reality, so does his hair.

17. Yasuhiro Hagakure- Danganronpa

Moving on to the next oddball anime contestant on our list, is Yasuhiro from Danganronpa. He has light brown skin with a beard on his chin and dark brown eyes. His dark brown hair is styled in dreadlocks that stretch out like big points and appear to be curled back.

16. Ran Mouri- Detective Conan

Ran Mori’s drill hair in Detective Conan just saw it, and it was unmistakable from the movie to the real life. It looks like a Looney Tunes on her head, which is covered by the hair growth. Might as well wonder if she has a preference for applying gel to her hair for this monstrous hairstyle?

15. Son Goku- Dragon Ball Series

Hair = Strength! This is an equation we can all agree on in the Dragon Ball series. Especially true for members of the Saiyan race in the series. Once the hair is longer, straighter, the greater their strength. And moreover, when they become Super Saiyans, their hair turns golden and becomes even longer. What a confusing hairstyle!

14. Grévil de Blois- Gosick

He has an odd drill-like hairstyle that takes a long time to style and is rarely seen with unstyled hair. However, in the past, Grevil was often seen with uncombed shoulder-length hair. According to Kazuya Kujō, Grevil’s hair is silky smooth at first glance, and Cecile Lafitte describes his hair as having a floral scent, which Grevil blames on the scented shampoo he uses. When you’re a rich aristocrat, you have to find new ways to spend your money! That would be a stylist bill and hair gel in this case.

13. Jean Pierre Polnareff- Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

In Jean Pierre Polnareff the strangely designed characters are very rich. But it was Polnareff with her platinum hair that really excelled. All with just one shoulder length hairstyle with a mullet hairstyle. We can definitely say that he is one of the few people who can wear that hairstyle and still look cool!

12. Ragyou Kiryuin- Kill la Kill

Ragyol’s most striking feature is her vibrant multicolored hair with a silver top. She has a very glamorous and domineering look, and always shows off glamorous dresses. Cute and crafty, wild and evil, a multi-colored behemoth, that pretty much sums up the main antagonist of Kill la Kill. In addition, the bat-like hairstyle creates a more eccentric feel. It’s a fun anime hairstyle, but is it that perfect in real life?

11. Selnia Flameheart- Ladies versus Butlers

In the anime, her hair spins and makes a sound like a drill whenever she’s sad. Selnia Flameheart’s hair seemed neater when tied back, but it was still too long and too thick for the average person. This has nothing to do with her small, lovely body. The most simple and understandable explanation is that in addition to being used as hair, it is also a powerful weapon to protect its owner when needed.

10. Minoru Mineta- Boku no Hero Academia

Mineta has a short purple head with four large ball-shaped plumes resembling a mohawk. They will grow back as soon as they are removed. Definitely not the anime hairstyle you usually see every day!

09. Rikuo Nura- Nurarihyon no Mago

Rikuo of the Nura clan, part human and part demon. Rikuo Nura’s hair is always swept to the left, the top is white like a wolf’s fur, the bottom is black and sharp like a ponytail. Does having demon blood in you make you have such a weird and cool anime hairstyle?

08. Mozu and Kiwi- One Piece

Mozu and Kiwi are similar in all respects except for their hair (Mozu is not as curly as Kiwi) and eye color (Mozu’s is brown while Kiwi’s is green). Both have long, pointed noses and are nicknamed for their unique big square hairstyle. They even had to pass by, lest the wind blow it away.

07. Jessie- Pokemon

Jessie, with her signature long scarlet hair, has been a draw for the series in all seasons. And she looks quite elegant with her unusually long but stylish hair. She aspires to be a model in the past and is obsessed with fashion and style. She doesn’t even like anyone touching her hair. And what’s even more special, Jessie’s hair is where she hides her Pokeballs.

06. Ritsuko Kunihiro- Shiki

Shiki is a very good horror series. But the most horrifying thing is the art of styling in this anime. And the one who caught our attention the most was the kind and friendly nurse – Ritsuko. Her turquoise knee-length hair beats her opponents by a mile. While anime can be quite fun, the hairstyle animations can take a while to get used to. It’s like hairstyles live in a world of their own, regardless of every rhyme or reason. This really takes attractive anime hairstyles to the next level.

05. Shaula Gorgon- Soul Eater NOT

Next on our list is the youngest of the Gorgon sisters- Shaula. Her patterned or headscarf hair is arranged into a long loose curl, ending in the shape of a scorpion’s nib. And this isn’t just for show either. Much of her magic and power lies in using her hair for offense and defense. It contains venom that allows her to control the minds of her victims, leaving us mind blown too.

04. Squid Girl (Ika Musume) – Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Squid Girl lives up to its name. The main character is a humanoid squid girl. She has ten fully controllable tentacles that protrude from the top of her head like a hair. These tentacles are powerful, extremely dexterous, and can be controlled by Ika with relative ease. They can also span a large range and have a variety of attack abilities. As such, Ika essentially has ten extra limbs and can use them to master a wide range of human activities. If only we had more arms… or tentacles to use as arms!

03. Sunny- Toriko

Each character in Toriko has their own unique attributes that make them unique. But the one who stood out with their weird hair was Sunny, with her brightly colored hair. Each hair color has its own use, from detecting temperature and pressure to even the taste of anything they touch. He even has more than a million little controllable senses that extend from his hair and extend to 300 meters.

02. Yugi Muto- Yu-Gi-Oh!

A unique style from a childhood anime that no one can fail to recall. Yugi, with his extremely gorgeous hair that has multiple layers including long, pointed blond locks for his bangs; the rest have a set of five large spikes and two smaller ones that are black with a bright red sheen along the edges. So far, he’s the only character in the series whose hair is split into three colors.

01. Franky – One Piece

One Piece is filled with quirky, bizarre, and ridiculous characters of all shapes and sizes. From the character designs to their costumes, to even their hairstyles, this anime series is remarkable when it comes out. presently. And it would be an injustice to this list if we omitted Franky of the Straw Hats. He has light blue hair and a blue star tattoo on his arm. Franky can transform his bright blue hair into everything a human can imagine. From braids to wings to cannons or blue whales. No wonder he’s the top dominating anime hairstylist on this list.

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