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Marketing calculations that always work

22, 2019

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If you are already reading the text, I am sure you will recognize the power of the word. Before I start talking about how important the suggestions we've shared are, let me tell you that the title of the article is not true, I just used it to get your attention. A familiar situation? Play with words, arouse interest – a little, and you will not be tempted to put everything away.

As long as people want to satisfy their curiosity, marketing calculations will always work. And now it makes sense for us to waste a little more knowledge on this topic.

Nowadays, when the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčinformation flows around the world, people need to find an easy connection to the product or service we want. No matter what type of business we are dealing with, knowledge of marketing theories will only do us good. Because now, as never before, we need to be featured so that potential customers can easily spot us, remember us, and then find us easily.

Susan Gunelius, an expert in social media, email, branding and marketing, shares 10 social media marketing tips for anchors. She tells us that working without experience is a big challenge and that we need to have some knowledge. However, it promises that adherence to these 10 rules will help us build a foundation that will further benefit both our customers and brand.

I – Law of Hearing: Social media marketing brings success to listening, not to much talk. Study the interests of your target audience, find out what is important to them. Only then will you be able to engage in a conversation that claims to have value.

II – Law of focus: It is best to choose one specification. A strong focus on social media with the intention to build a brand is far less threatening and more likely to succeed.

III – Law of Quality: Quality is always more important than quantity. It's better to have 1,000 followers who read, share, and talk about you than the 10,000 fans who have disappeared from the world.

IV – The Law of Patience: The success of social media does not come one day. Try to understand that time is often crucial to success.

V-Compound Law: If you publish awesome, content-driven content to increase the quality of your followers, they will share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or your own blogs. It is this sharing and further discussion that will surely increase your awareness.

VI- Law of Influence: Take the time to find online influencers in the market who have quality followers and may be interested in your product or service. Try to reach out and collaborate with these people. If you find yourself in the spotlight of an influential person as an interesting, authoritative brand, there is a good chance that the information they share will surely interest their followers. Consequently, awareness will increase.

VII Law of Value: If you spend all your time promoting your own product or service, people will stop listening. Relationship with the target group should definitely be valuable. Focus more on values.

VIII – LAW OF RECOGNITION: Never leave the person without attention who has found you and decided to contact you. One of the key to the success of social media marketing is to recognize and respect the people who are interested in you.

IX-Access Law: Don't post information and then disappear. Be available to the audience. This means that you will be able to engage in the conversation, often sharing the news. Online shoppers are fluctuating, they won't even think about replacing you if you disappear for months.

Law of X-reciprocity: You cannot expect others to share information about you unless you do the same. So spend some of your time on social media sharing or sharing information that you just posted or just talking about.

So, marketing savvy power savers! We recommend that you consider the 10 laws written by Susan Ganeli that will bring you success and success.

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