The paradox of why some things apply quickly

"It would be better if you do something that people can't sleep at night than they do for anyone else."

16, 2019

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I wrote my first letter on Facebook a few years ago and I named it – "An Open Letter to Those Who Disappointed in Twenty Years." To my astonishment, it was suddenly unleashed by Facebook at lightning speed throughout the world.

This fact made it possible for me to repeat it all again. I wanted to learn in depth why some of these things happened so quickly.

For the first time this happened by accident. Now with the intent now I wanted to create a viral spread effect. So I asked questions about this history, or something that is spreading fast, to people who are much smarter.

The first one I addressed was Seth Godin (a marketer, author of many bestsellers). I called Seth and asked about the effect of spreading this virus on how to do it again. I received a rather unexpected response:

"It would be better if you didn't try to write something that would spread with viral speed. It would be better if you could write one thing for only one person. You have to influence only one person. It's even better if you do something that people can't sleep at night than they do for anyone else. The rest will happen by itself. "

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I immediately understood what he meant, but I didn't know how to do it. I wrote a few works that had some success, but I never sat down and didn't really care what he said.

One day I was in the gym when I was looking for Spotify to hear which song I was listening to. I opened up my playlist and included songs that were particularly entertaining and I stopped by Major Laser's Lean On ("Support").

Have you ever heard this song? Really awesome. Really good music and has a thrilling video. That's just not my point. Make it on YouTube Billion Has a website.

Let's find out this story well. Assuming all these sites are unique visitors, 15% of the world is listening to the song, and only on YouTube! Blend!

But there's also some amazing news: Spotify has more than a dozen different versions of this song, all of them remixes and different versions by different artists. Even the acoustic version of this country song is slow-paced.

That's what Seth meant. For some reason, this song made people care about each other. They cared enough to hear and share it a billion times. They cared so much for other artists to spend time creating and distributing their own versions of this song. Because she is really good, amazing.

As far as I am aware, no difficult marketing campaigns were undertaken to get this song out into the stratosphere. It was just great and people could still help, watch, share and remake it if they couldn't help anyone. They could not sleep at night unless they passed on to others.

When I think about it, it feels exactly the same as I remembered in Set's latest book, What To Do When Turning Your Turn On. I even wrote a 30-second review of this book. I read the book in two days and then bought ten copies of it for my 20-year-old team, family, and friends.

Buying and distributing books so well is totally foreign to me. But in this case, it was so amazing that I immediately thought, "This world is going to get much better if everyone reads what I've just read."

So I had no choice. Only then would I feel good about sharing this book with others. I left one of them at my neighbor's door with the inscription, "Wishing you a great day and working well." I didn't even need to borrow this gift to buy it, I did it anonymously.

After reading it, I felt obligated to show it to other people; At least because the people for whom I wanted these books would probably get as much inspiration as I did. Here's Seth Godin talking about this disinterested sharing effect.

What is the secret behind this story? What can you do to spread something viral? You have to create something so that people have no choice – to start taking care of something right away.

Some things are so personal and at the same time universal that it would be selfish, or totally unnatural, to not share it with others.

It is up to you now what you create. You may need 100 or 1000 attempts to create something that will affect people.

If your main goal is to get people to think about something that not only resonates on social media, but also really feels like it, then this idea will spread viral without any problems.

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