CPM Calculator online

This CPM Calculator online will help you to

  • Calculate your Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) base on your budget and number of impressions you need.
  • Calculate how much budget you need if you want to achieve a number of impressions with given CPM.
  • Calculate how much Impressions you will gain if you spend an amount of budget with given CPM

How do you calculate CPM?

  • Divide the cost by the number of impressions divided by a thousand. The formula to calculate CPM is CPM = (1000 * cost)/ impressions.
  • For Budget, the formula is Budget = (CPM * impressions) / 1000
  • For Impressions, the formula is Impressions = (1000 * cost) / CPM

Online Digital Media Marketing Plan Generator

How to use this Digital Media Plan Generator?

Step 1: Input the Ad channels data, including Channel Name, CPC/CPM, CTR, Conversion Rate, Sale per conversion and Bid Type

For example, I will run 2 campaigns:

  • Adword campaign: The bid type is CPC with expecting CTR is 10%, cost per click is 2$, the conversion rate is 2% with 50$ gain per sale.
  • Facebook campaign: The bid type is CPM with expecting CTR is 5%, cost per 1000 impression is 15$, the conversion rate is 3% with 35$ gain per sale.

Insert the first table like this

Step 2: insert campaign detail

My budget is 10,000$, and the leads equal qualified leads (converted to sale), so the “% Taken” is 100%.

Insert the second table like this

Explain the % taken: If you only track the number of people who fill the form (leads), the % taken is 100%, but if you want to track how many people who filled the form actually buy the product, you might want to use the % taken.

For example, 1000 people filled the form, and 100 of them actually buy the product, so the % taken is 100/1000 = 10%. Remember this is not the conversion rate

Step 3: Insert budget for each channel

I allocate 70% budget for Adword and 30% budget to Facebook. the table will look like this.

Move to Output Media Plan tab, this will be the result

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Have fun!