Logo – the key attribute of a brand

With a well-designed logo, potential customers will see at a glance what will help your business

27, 2019

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The logo is a visual expression of what your company is all about. Remember McDonald's Gold Arches or the Nike emblem. These two impressive logos are symbols of these giants, but many companies are still failing to raise funds for this key element.

Ideally, your logo should make a strong impression at first glance and create potential customers and partners for your business. A good logo gives customers confidence in the business, makes the brand individual and gives the business a professional look.

Prepare for work

First, form the message that the logo should express. Then create a sketch, or learn how to create a logo. Most importantly Do not change the message, remain faithful to the end.

Here are some additional tactics and tips to help you create a company-friendly logo:

  • Pay attention to the logos of other companies in your field. Observe, do your competitors use solid, conservative imagery or do you have a busy schedule? Think about how your logo should be different from your competitors.
  • Focus on your message. Think carefully about what you want your company to say. Does he have a clear personality or is he superficial and caring? What makes it unique compared to your competitor? What are the features of your current target audience? These elements should play an important role both in the overall design and in the redesign.
  • Definitely create a bright and functional logo. Your logo will also appear on business cards and truck pages, so it should be of high quality, prominent and distinctive. It is better to use symbols instead of a photo, as the photo may be enlarged or lowered and the logo may lose shape. Definitely create a logo that can be faxed in black and white and made with photocopies; In addition, the logo ad can be used as effectively as a black-and-white variant as a color.
  • The company name will affect the logo design. If your company name is e.g. D.C. Jewelers, you can use a special font to cut out the initials, and if you have a name for it – "Lightning Printing", you might even have lightning in the logo as you might have guessed.
  • Use your logo to illustrate business benefits. The best logos make the application not just words, but images or illustrations. For example, consider Lightning Printing. This company has to give its logo the advantage of "fast and guaranteed printing". Highlight the proposed speed and guarantee using the lightning image.
  • Do not use Clipart. It may be tempting, but copying the clipboard is a lot easier. Using true art will make a much more impressive statement about your company and make your business stand out from the rest.
  • The logo should not be too fashionable. If you change the design of your old logo, you are at great risk, as you give your customers a boost and you may even lose them. So try not to change all the elements of the logo and instead choose one that will last you 10-15 years. It is crucial that your logo is unique and that your designer never creates a second one.
  • Attention Pay attention Colors. Pay particular attention to the colors of the logo as this issue is directly related to finances. Your five-color logo may look great, but when it comes to its stationery, the price will no longer be attractive. However, this logo will not work on surfaces that can only reflect one or two colors. Try not to exceed three colors unless it is extremely important.

Your logo may appear on different media Stationery will be available, trucks, packaging materials and much more. Have a good look at the color issue. Consider one, two or three-color versions of your logo.

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Logo use and protection

As soon as you create a logo that perfectly reflects your company's mission, keep a trademark. It should not be used by other companies. Please contact the patent office for registration of your logo.

Once a trademark is registered, it is protected and can be used everywhere – on business cards, stationery, title sheets, brochures, advertisements, your web pages and any place where you name your company. Your image will be created through this, and the company will become famous, which will ideally affect the business as well.

So be mindful of the process of creating your logo and remember that over time your trademark will become an easily recognizable symbol of your product or service.

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