Are you in quarantine? Activate your social media influence with these 5 strategies

8, 2020

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If we look at the world today, we will clearly see that free time has become a completely common concept for most corporations, small business owners and entrepreneurs. But, at the same time, it should be considered as a certain opportunity to gain influence over your network. Therefore, if you use your authority or social evidence properly, it will become a lifeline even in the most volatile circumstances for your business. These five strategies will help you in this.

1. Tell your followers interesting stories

Now is the best time to do something unusual. Yes, your business is always active and followers expect the best advice and recommendations from you to develop their business. However, you should also think about the world around you. People are trying their best to stay calm in this chaos, looking for different ways to learn something, to produce something and even to laugh.

Show them your human nature and share how you manage to navigate such a difficult situation. Do you have any escape family history? If so, share. Maybe your children's home school didn't turn out to be easy for the first time? Share this too. You can never determine in advance who will share your information. Your potential client can make a choice and only start doing business with you if you decide to share information with him.

2. Attract influencers by calling for action

Don’t be afraid to use industry influencers to strengthen your own platforms. In most cases, you may not get the desired response because of the information you publish so that the call to action is not clearly visible.

Select five active influencers you know and want to appear in your information, and mark them in your messages and videos. Ask them to comment on whether they agree with your information, and in any case to substantiate it. You can even ask them to add one useful item to your information to offer you a bigger and better value. When they decide to like, comment, or even share your information, their actions will increase the likelihood that more people will see your information.

When you start caring for social evidence, don’t forget that association is a key factor. Your reputation will automatically improve when you connect your brand to someone known to the public.

3. Make contacts through social networks

Right now is the right time to respond to all the messages and comments that have been under your posts and that you have been ignoring for so long. When it comes to attracting and influencing others to stay in touch with your brand, it may be worth the price of gold to demonstrate that you like or respond to any comments. You (or anyone else on your team) should never be so busy that you can't build relationships with the people in your business. Everyone who mentions you or your company in their post, especially if they are buying your products, should thank you and thus become even more attractive to them. Don’t forget that loyal users only appear by making one comment.

Also, think of a virtual coffee session with someone who has been trying to get your attention. The fact that you have devoted your time to your fans, followers, or colleagues, especially in such a difficult situation, may have far more significant consequences than you expected.

4. Offer customers benefits in exchange for feedback

The best way to create social proof is to spread the word. People love the good news, no matter what the public may say. The decision of the buyer, who has something positive (or negative) to say, affects what others write about this company. Reviews from Yelp and Google, Amazon and company-centric ratings help us influence those who buy the product or even prefer to leave their own money in their pockets.

Ask your buyers for any initiative and ask them to leave a comment, the written feedback is very good, but the video links are better because it gives the viewer the opportunity to notice the emotions and more reflects the reality.

5. Activate your own platform and ask people to become part of it

No matter what you personally think, no matter how big or small your platform is, in any case, it is one of your most valuable assets. The truth is that people like it when they are much bigger parts of themselves. So why not open the door for people to use your platform to fill a void?

If you have a blog and need more information, ask invited authors to submit it to help you increase your readership. If you have a podcast or think you need another voice to continue the conversation, send an open challenge to the prospective guests. Sharing the platform will give you the opportunity to connect with a new audience, and your guests can do the same.

If you want to go further, attract other people, they will help you achieve the desired goal. Be sure to identify the person who will allow you to use your platform. You need to select people to maintain the image of your brand who share your values.

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