Anime Re:Zero will have up to 8 seasons?

@LoremIpsumVerb – a Twitter user who often shares news related to Re:Zero shared some behind-the-scenes information and comments by author Tappei Nagatsuki at private events. On August 24, 2021, this user revealed some interesting information about the Re:Zero author’s comment during a private event. In 2018, Tappei Nagatsuki estimated that it would take about eight seasons of 25 episodes to fully adapt Re:Zero’s story..

Another point to note is that the author’s intentions at a Talk Show do not reflect the producer’s plans for the anime. The author’s comment should only be taken as a suggestion or possibly a joke Given the current trend of adaptations, it is very likely that some episodes in the novel will be adapted into an Anime Movie instead of a TV Anime.

Currently the Re: Zero anime has a total of 2 seasons. 4 of the 11 volumes in the Re: Zero light novel have been adapted for 2 seasons. Given the speed and length of the arcs, chances are Re:Zero could have 8 seasons.

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