8 brilliant examples of marketing on Instagram

These well-known accounts clearly show how the target audience can be used

2, 2019

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Since its creation, Instagram has underestimated the importance of social networking. This platform is now the final destination and marketers are planning to conquer it. This means that the competition will be really ruthless, and the chances of success can be almost vague. Well, marketing on Instagram is not about paying millions of dollars or hiring the most famous influencer to share posts. The most important approach here is to influence the right target audience.

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To find out more, take a look at 8 successful episodes of Instagram Marketing to learn from those who brought this mastery to perfection, and you'll be able to figure it out thoroughly.

Kyle Jenner

It's the most famous family on social media, and it has its star, young billionaire Kyle Jenner. Everything contributed to the success of this 22 year old girl. Kyle's credit is that his company Kylie Cosmetics has been able to establish itself in a fully-fledged market. In just three years, the company's growth has reached 10 points. In part, his success was also due to the fact that Kyle was also active on Instagram, telling his followers different stories through live and interactive posts – whether it was personal or something else.


Do you remember last year's royal wedding on May 19, 2018? It's one of the most global in history, but what does Lego have to do with it? This brand sells toy blocks, right? No, not really. This company has always sought to respond to important events happening around the world. Lego shared a video with the popular hashtag #RoyalWedding. It was a wedding ceremony with its famous toy blocks.

This video has 150,000 views today. It is safe to say that Lego marketing is a "gold mine". Others have to make a point here, respond to world-famous events, and make their product interesting on Instagram with visual effects.

Rent the Runway

Customers are always bored of the product update period, especially when it comes to fashion brands, but it is still necessary to provide information to customers. Is it possible to present this information in your chronology so that it is completely filled with attractive images? The popular brand Rent the Runway did just that – gathering user comments and posting so that the refresh process was visible to everyone, and provided detailed product information, headlines, short and witty. This is a perfect example of how ordinary information can turn into an attractive visual image if you use it wisely.

Jonathan Jadall

Jonathan Jadal has over 8,000 followers and is one of the rare personal brands on Instagram that can be endorsed by many followers, and with the experience and intellect of the influencer title. Jadall, 22, is a self-employed stockbroker, earning millions and investing in Bitcoin during the cryptocurrency boom. Later, he sold all his cryptocurrencies. Jadal and other influencers are most active right now, but anyone who tries to imitate Jadal, not just thinking about fulfilling their desires, should do much more, learn to demonstrate his mastery Instagram-In the world. In other words, clearly understand how you create information shared by lots of people daily and how your strategy has led you to specific results.

Tesla Motors

What good is it if you drive a completely different world, including video games? Tesla Motors, along with programmers from Vector Unit, did just that – playing Tesla cars in this company Beach Buggy Racing 2's Integrated. Advertising video Tesla uploaded it to Instagram and had almost two million views. This episode clearly proves that you need to find the right partners to help you easily identify and target an alternative audience.


Most marketers mistakenly believe that just one viral and millions of views per post is absolutely enough for success. While this strategy brings dividends, you should also try to learn from those who have a stable strategy. Airbnb is one of these innovative companies, and its timeline on Instagram enables us to pursue dreams and research all day long stories. The brand continuously shares the information provided by customers from all over the world with followers and so impressively portrays events that you have a bitter desire to be there. When it comes to important news, its timeline is beautiful and comforting, with each post attracting a lot of interest and engagement, which is a much better strategy for service-oriented brands than single-sensational posts.


There are not many companies in the world that make the walls popular on Nike, and that is undeniable. But, interestingly, is this company also very similar to Instagram? The answer to this question is really positive. More recently, the company has come up with a brilliant strategy – to boost consumer interest in its new line of shoes, React, which it intends to bring to the market. They campaigned for a really fun run, put on React pads, springs, and body washers, found a unique way to clearly demonstrate how comfortable these shoes were. Nike hit the target directly – this link had seven million views when an additional video was uploaded to launch the product. As we finally found out, this was their most popular post in 2018. The key here is to understand how important it is to properly prepare for the big event and create the right association.

International Cricket Council (ICC)

This year's World Cricket Championships have just been held in the UK. True, it was extremely interesting what was happening on the pitch, but you know most of ICC's warm profile on Instagram? Photo of cricket sensation – Indian Virat Kohli with an elderly fan who was shot in the backstage of the tournament. This photo garnered 1.7 million likes, making it the most memorable World Cup moment on Instagram. In this case, the following conclusion can be made – it is extremely important that you never forget the power of emotions, as it can cross all boundaries.

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There are many new things happening on Instagram, but as shown in these eight cases, uniqueness is a special trend that is most valuable on this platform. Remember that you need to understand your audience and be creative in your efforts to attract it. Engagement is not about numbers, it is about how much it attracts user attention.

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