5 Ways to Understand the Psychological Impact You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

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15, 2019

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Starting a new business at the same time is both exciting and frightening. Astronauts usually want to succeed and even fight for it. If you consider yourself an anti-repressor, you also need to be able to understand customer psychology, manage and manipulate your own business to make your business more profitable.

Find out some of the psychological impacts that you can have on starting a business correctly and you will also have a greater chance of creating a world-class brand.

These paths of psychological impact make scientific research even more important. If you combine several methods, you will not need success in today's crowded business world.

Find out ways to use psychological impacts:

1. Use brand colors to suit your interests

Colors play an important role in how we perceive a company and its business. A study by the University of Winnipeg found that 62 to 90 percent of respondents make a decision about the brand (whether they care or not) about the colors used in its design.

How do you convince customers through colors that they are choosing a good product? The diagram shows the color schemes and what kind of emotions each of them causes.

A Guide to Colored Emotions






















You need to think about which product you are creating and how your customer will see your brand. In the example above, purple is used by brands that promote creative thinking or have products to create a creative mood. The SyFy channel, which comes up with creative (and sometimes fun) ideas, uses purple to create a brand that can be easily recognized.

2. Simplify complex topics

One of the best ways to conquer an audience is to explain the process or idea in terms that are understandable. Remember when you finally asked questions on a topic, when you were interested in others, and when you searched for articles that have now inspired you to brainstorm ideas.

You don't naturally want to clutter your own customers, so explain the complicated issues in easy language so they can understand everything.

If the topic is difficult, divide it properly and explain it. If readers get to know your business page based on fact-based questions, they will surely become your customers because they already trust your brand.

3. Use the image to impress

We have heard many times that the first impression is everything. This applies to your business too! According to one study called Behavioral and Information Technology, most users need 50 milliseconds to decide whether to stay on your website! In other words, you need to let a potential customer know what your product is about when it comes to your website.

Along with the first impression, we are told throughout our lives that one picture equals 1,000 words. That too is true! You can only tell your customers about what your product or service does, how they like it, and what kind of problems you will solve.

How did you feel when you just looked at this Coca-Cola ad?

Red is usually an excitement, but this image can do much more. At first glance, there are two happy people and the word "happiness" next to the Coca-Cola logo. If anyone has never heard of Coca-Cola for the first time, seeing it first will lead to positive feelings and hopefully create positive customers.

4. Control the inner voice

If you want to start a business, you are probably self-confident and excited. Unfortunately, most lack self-confidence, even when doing something good. You have to be subordinate to your mind and control your inner voice as it creates obstacles as an interpreter.

The best way to control your doubts is to focus on the positive. Truth be told, this is a complicated process. But the point is: When you focus on the positive, you force the brain to release negative feelings and emotions.

We are human, and sometimes we have negative emotions, and our doubts are lost. But controlling your own thoughts and focusing on productive, positive thoughts can really generate positive things and increase your chances of success.

5. Try Impact on Time Management

Time management is one of the most difficult but important aspects of any business. You have a million things to do at once, so you must learn to use the time correctly.

One of the best ways to use time is the Pomodoro technique, which involves the productive work of a small amount of time and then a small break.

By using this pattern, you will affect the brain for some time and start working in fertility mode when the stopwatch is turned on; You will relax during the break. The Pomodoro method will teach you discipline, use your time wisely, and do everything on time.

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