5 Things to Consider When Advertising the COVID-19 Pandemic

There has never been a more important time to focus on your brand

8, 2020

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The current COVID-19 pandemic has created major problems for the business community, as well as for those working in the advertising industry. In the face of great human losses and great tragedies, companies are forced to change the way they work, as well as the means to advertise and sell their products and services.

Given the seriousness and severity of the current situation and the panic around the world, it is possible that the advertising industry could easily make critical mistakes – mistakes that will remain with them even after the end of the Coronavirus crisis. Here are five factors that all members of this industry should consider when navigating the most difficult waters of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. The public is seriously concerned

Marketing is a very delicate matter in any case during the global pandemic. First of all, you need to know where people come from and what they are focused on, because their needs have changed significantly for completely understandable reasons. Right now, people are more concerned about the health of themselves and their families, everything else is in the background, and that’s completely natural.

You can refrain from offering commercial suggestions in response to this situation and instead spread reliable messages. Let people know what security and sanitation measures your company is taking to reduce their problems. You will have enough time to sell your products when the COVID-19 crisis passes, but at this point you need to understand people, this is much more correct.

2. People think about finances

The COVID-19 crisis has had a far-reaching impact on the entire economy, causing a complete shock to the stock market. This means that it is true that people think about their personal and loved ones ’health, but they are under stress because of their finances, whether these accounts will be on credit cards or tax arrears.

As an advertising agent, you can offer people special prices, new financial deals and other initiatives to calm them down in response to this situation. Car dealers can no longer pay taxes to people who are infected with COVID-19 for some time. And the tenants will give the tenants a discount in case of rent tax. These steps will be very important signals during this turbulent and uncertain time. The important thing is to be humane and honest.

3. As expected, businesses should also contribute to resolving the crisis

If the crisis of COVID-19 taught us anything, it is that this situation applies to any of us, here we are all together. Each company has its own way of overcoming the crisis, starting with a restaurant near us, ending with a large airline.

At the same time, the public expects companies to contribute to alleviating this difficult situation. So take the opportunity to talk about what you are doing to help people. Many companies have already stated that they continue to pay salaries to employees and even give patients extra time, perhaps these marketing messages will prove to be quite effective.

4. Buyers only focus on the elementary

The crisis of COVID-19 is deepening, people are in a mode of social distancing, and at such times consumers are retreating. They focus entirely on the elemental, the items and products that themselves or their family members need to survive in these difficult times when relocation is prohibited and poses a major problem, and there is a great danger of spreading the infection.

You can react to this new reality, you have to focus your marketing efforts on the most demanding products. You need to pay special attention to your online sales channels to serve your customers. If you do this well, you may be able to improve your cash flow in this difficult financial situation.

5. Branding may set the tone for future sales

Demand may drop sharply during the COVID-19 crisis, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will disappear. In fact, financial experts expect an increase in demand for sellers and products as soon as the vaccine is ready or any reliable means of treatment appear.

As a representative of the advertising industry, you can prepare for this time, create your own brand and build connections with your community, help people meet their needs, be noticeable and active on social networks and other online channels. There are various ways in which your brand will become more recognizable and ready for future sales.

The COVID-19 crisis has created a new landscape for businesses around the world when some companies are banned from working and others are working more actively to meet increased demand. Advertising is at the center of all this and has a number of problems, but the five guidelines mentioned above will help if you follow them.

Sei Tinubu is an entrepreneur, father and wife of his most loving wife, Laia Tinubu. It's an outdoor advertising company, Loatsad Promomedia Ltd, He is the General Director and a member of the Board of Directors of several organizations.

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