20 of the best horror comics that make your hairs crawl

The horror genre in the world of anime and manga has a niche of its own. While not as popular as their shounen and romantic counterparts, horror manga deserves to be appreciated for its own merits. Immerse yourself in aspects of the monstrous, gory, plot-versus-brain, and macabre spectacle. So, brace yourself as we take a look at some of the best horror manga of 2020.

20. Shoujo Tsubaki – by Suehiro Maruo

It opens with a novel by Shoujo Tsubaki, about the unhappiness and problems that continue to befall an orphan girl named Midori, along with its bizarre characters and indescribable horror. It depicts the immoral and corrupt nature of society and the human mind with its atrocities perpetrated on marginalized people. It will certainly arouse feelings of discomfort and disgust. Furthermore, the horror itself stems from the psychological horror and horror of the story, its characters, and their depraved actions. So much so that anime adaptations are almost universally banned due to its controversial, dark, and outrageous nature.

19. Elfen Lied – by Lynn Okamoto

Its totality sheds light on topics such as child abuse, global terrorism, unethical scientific research, mutations… Beneath the endless layers of bloodshed, the manga now explores the dynamics of Different forces motivate the characters, bringing conflicting feelings in the reader’s heart. If you can stand all the gore and carnage, this movie is sure to satisfy your horror manga cravings.

18. Zero – Kage Miko – by Amagi Seimaru

Next on our horror list is a spin-off series based on the Fatal Frame series of games. Although set in the same universe as the series, it has very little to do with any of the game’s events. Talking about the alarming level, the above artwork will definitely make you shiver, each page of the book will leave you with terror. Try with this paranormal horror field.

17. Ore to Akuma no Blues/ Me and the Devil Blues – by Akira Hiramoto

Next, the story brings the myth of the West to Eastern readers. It’s a perfect blend of fact and fiction, enough to make a deal with the Devil. Although based on the life of blues legend Robert Johnson, it is also imbued with the fictional myths surrounding him. The process of expressing the characters, their virtues and vices, their desires and aspirations. This is a really rare manga series, and a horror series, that leaves you in awe.

16. Hakaijuu – by Shingo Honda

This is a horror series about strange creatures with the ability to mass destruction. The plot will make you try to overcome it. The bloody horrifying devastation makes you unable to take your eyes off. For those of you who are into horror but haven’t read this book, you’re missing out on super bizarre but equally engaging content. Definitely a horror manga worth enjoying.

15. Zashiki Onna/ Phantom Stalker Woman – by Minetaro Mochizuki

Zashiki Onna is a manga that tells the story of a young man being followed by a scary woman. The series builds horror as the reader finds himself in the protagonist’s shoes. Fear of the unknown, suspense and fear of the reader himself. The realism and plausibility of the events in the series is what makes it so much more terrifying. An addictive plot mixed with suspense from the start is what this horror manga delivers.

14. Pumpkin Night – by Masaya Hokazono

Pumpkin Night brings excitement to all those who love beautyomg scary. A story about a murderer that follows a girl who engages in a revenge against those who have wronged her. And once you’ve picked it up, chances are you won’t stop until the end as each chapter creates its own suspense.

13. Skyhigh – by Tsutomu Takahashi

Skyhigh isn’t like other horror manga, it’s not entirely based on the horror and horror of the villains and the gruesome. Instead, it challenges the intellect of its readers, rooted in the spirit and ethics of human action. As you read you will find yourself in the shoes of the characters, debating for yourself which way to go. The story revolves around Izuko, the guardian of the gate to the afterlife, making three choices for the departed soul – to rest in paradise awaiting reincarnation, to refuse death, and to roam the Earth as spirits. ghost or condemn and curse someone but face the infinite wrath of Hell. The book is a must read if you love horror comics but want something different.

12. Can You Just Die, My Darling? – by Majuro Kaname

The story is a mixture of romance, horror, mystery and thriller while maintaining a good balance. Love goes bad when love turns into an obsession that kills the one you love. Insanity and rationality are set in motion when they fight or give in to their murderous impulses while being thwarted by similar delusions. It’s true that love is deadly, it won’t let you down.

11. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Onikakushi-hen/ Higurashi When They Cry – by Ryukishi07

The story is set in 1983, the story takes place in a peaceful and fresh village, where the local annual festival is very lively. A lucky paradise but did not last long. Dark mysteries await throughout the story, waiting to be discovered. As paranoia squeezes characters with unsettling swirls, readers also worry. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, as the characters try to unravel the secrets behind the murders. There’s a lot more for you to discover, so start reading this horror manga!

10. Pet Shop of Horrors – by Matsuri Akino

This horror manga will take you out of your pandemic boredom as you travel to Chinatown, Los Angeles. You will come across an exotic pet shop that attracts everyone’s attention. Entering the store, you will be greeted by an Earl, an elegant shop owner. He offers a strange unique creature as a pet but it looks extremely dangerous, with his warnings. The plot comes with several recurring characters and each story builds into a larger story. Each chapter follows the buyer, what they do ahead, and ends by giving a deep, insightful message to the reader.

09. Jigokusei Remina/ Hellstar Remina – by Junji Ito

The story begins with the discovery of a rogue planet drifting in Space as the stars and planets disappear after it awakens. Before long, it set its eyes on Earth, entering the Solar System. The plot revolves around this planet and the heroine, which the planet takes its name from. Devastating and violent, the artwork also depicts the alien planet’s hellish landscape. What’s even more remarkable is that the gloom and doom really don’t come from the planet itself, but from humans. It shows that people will give up their morality, in order to survive. A horror manga to look forward to.

08. Hideout – by Masasumi Kakizaki

Weaving between the present and the past, the story follows a failed writer and his wife, whose marriage falls apart after losing their only son. Stranded on a lone island, they must survive the horrors to come. You will not regret reading this book.

07. Kiriko – by Shingo Honda

A group of people receive a mysterious invitation to attend a gathering and tribute to a deceased friend from the past. However, soon the people collected began to decrease one by one. The manga explores different aspects of the human psyche, focusing on one’s guilt and guilty conscience, repressed memories and gradual madness. The artwork has a lifelike quality with amazing expressions.

06. Panorama of Hell – by Hideshi Hino

A manga that takes the reader into the scene of a strange artist painting the landscape of Hell with his own blood. The plot is more about a conversation with the aforementioned artist, who details each story in his work. As a survivor of a nuclear apocalypse, his work contains symbols of suffering, torture, grief, violence and gore. You may feel disgusted by the artist, by the paintings and by the story, but there is still a lot of empathy. Sympathy for his condition, his past, and the events that have led to the present.

05. Kami no Kodomo/ God’s Child – by Nishioka Kyoudai

It is a dark story with a brutal plot, about a child who grows up to be a serial killer. It explores his sociopathic tendencies and his morbid and twisted achievements. The manga includes loads of silly and disgusting stuff. Though controversial and unsettling, it’s still a great horror manga, with lots of ominous vibes that delve into the human mind from the perspective of a murder maniac.

04. Kichikujima – by Masaya Hokazono

In one incident, the students of the M University Research Institute found a deserted island. Because the boat ran aground in shallow water, unable to go out to sea, they had to go to the island. However, they don’t know that there is a killer with a pig-headed mask waiting for them…If you love survival horror genre involving lone islands, cannibals crazy with monstrous masks and protagonists trying to survive, then this set is perfect for you.

03. Lychee Light Club – by Usamaru Furuya

The story revolves around a nine-member high school boys’ club known as the Light Club, in their attempt to create an AI to kidnap the beautiful girl. As the club increasingly uses depraved methods to achieve their goals, the original leader, Tamiya, tries to regain his place after he is dissatisfied with the new leadership, Zera , run the club.

02. Ibitsu – by Haruto Ryo

One dark day, if a girl with a dirty lolita suit and a tattered teddy bear in her hand suddenly appears in front of you and asks, “Do you have a sister?”, don’t answer. If she responds, she will follow and become your sister, the craziest little sister you can imagine… But unfortunately, not everyone knows that. Come to Ibitsu, to enjoy simple fear without any philosophy of life. Watch Ibitsu to experience the horror, and just that.

01. Uzumaki – by Junji Ito

Set in a town plagued by a supernatural curse revolving around spirals, literally. The chapters slowly build tension and create a grim atmosphere that leads to horror. There was a lot of death throughout while the frenzy of terror ensued. Thus, the plot itself unravels into a gritty and macabre one with little hope for the characters.

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