12 Best Comic Reading Apps for Android and iOS

Manga is extremely popular in our modern culture today, especially among young people. Usually readers have to go to websites or buy books to read. In order to meet the increasing demand for manga reading, we would like to introduce the best manga reading applications today.

12. MangaZone (iOS)

MangaZone is one of the best apps created for reading manga. Small amount of memory won’t take up much space in your device’s memory. Especially very easy to use and search for the title of the story.

11. Manga Geek (Android)

Readers can try manga geek to read updated manga in bulk. This is one of the best apps to read comics for free on Android with multi-language accessibility. You need an internet connection to be able to read this app.

10. Comixology (Android)(iOS)

Comixology provides a healthy comic reading experience on your device. This is one of the best apps for reading manga offline that provides high quality user interface. ComiXology offers subscriptions and in-app purchases for unlimited access and offline reading. Furthermore, you will also find some of the rarest Manga collections that you may not find elsewhere.

09. Tachiyomi (Android)

The app’s features built for easy updating, coupled with a great user interface, is one of the best android apps to have for reading manga. And it is also one of the best apps to read manga offline.

08. Manga Plus (Android)(iOS)

They offer the latest Manga for free and release simultaneously with Japan. You can bookmark a manga by adding it to the “Favorites” section. Commenting on a chapter and interacting with other readers is also easy with this app. Available globally on both iOS and Android.

07. Manga Box (Android)

Manga Box is a kind of manga magazine mobile application. It is available in 140 countries and regions around the world. New chapters are published weekly, with the twelve latest chapters freely accessible. Manga Box hosts some requested popular manga, and hence it is one of the best apps to read manga for free.

06. Manga Toon (Android)(iOS)

It allows users to read manga in different languages ​​and also popular novels. Manga Toon has an extensive library of exclusive titles. People can share their own creations on the platform with other subscribers. The app has good ratings by users and its simple accessibility.

05. Manga UP! (Android)

This is a manga reading app whose series is updated every day. This app has many new features to enhance the reading experience. It comes with Manga UP offline reading that focuses on giving a more comfortable reading experience.

04. Tapas (Android)(iOS)

Their comics are in English and also provide translated versions of their comics from another language, which will be very helpful for you to improve your language skills. The app has published more than 83,000 stories. The most popular manga are also published in the Tapas catalog.

03. Toomics (Android)(iOS)

Toomics lets you read Japanese and Korean manga instantly. It features stories from every genre and imaginable. New episodes for all the series are updated weekly and they also regularly release new issues. Some of the first episodes can be accessed for free, and others can be viewed with an in-app purchase. You can fill your favorite with the comic of your choice to follow its updates.

02. Crunchyroll Manga (Android)(iOS)

Leading company in Japan developing this application. Almost all manga can be found in this app, available on both Android and iOS platforms. Through this app, readers can access the best publications on the exact day the manga arrives in Japan. The most significant advantage of this application is that each manga is divided into several chapters for the convenience of the readers as they can view each chapter easily.

01. VIZ Manga (Android)(iOS)

You can read it on the app while online and offline by downloading it first. To make reading more manageable, one can choose to read a few items and use bookmark mode. Custom settings like zoom, right-to-left reading option, and brightness settings are also available in the app. This is also an application for those who want to improve their English level.

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